Feline Greenies -Oven -Roasted Chicken Flavour 60g

Feline Greenies -Oven -Roasted Chicken Flavour 60g

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Dental treats to improve your cat’s oral health
Helps to clean your cat’s teeth by using natural chewing action to wipe away both plaque and tartar build-up from the tooth surfaces
Assists in freshening breath by the daily removal of the plaque that can cause bad breath
Unique shape with grooves to allow teeth to slide between for maximum cleaning
Hard, crunchy texture encourages cats to crunch the treat, cleaning their teeth and gums
The bristles on the treats mimic the mechanical action of a toothbrush to provide greater contact with each tooth surface
Yummy chicken flavour which is highly palatable and great tasting
Natural formula with added vitamins, mineral, taurine and chlorophyll to optimise health
Low calories: 1.4 per treat
Contains no artificial flavours or preservatives

Recommended for

Adult cats from 1-6 years