Peckish Rat & Mouse Pellets 1kg.

Peckish Rat & Mouse Pellets 1kg.

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Peckish Rat and Mouse Menu is specifically formulated for all your pet’s
nutritional needs. The hearty mix of grains and seeds is manufactured here
in Australia using only local ingredients, so you know the quality is second
to none. Rat & Mouse Menu contains everything your pet needs to sustain a
healthy, vibrant life.
Feeding Instructions:
Peckish Rat & Mouse Menu should be introduced gradually. Any change of
diet should occur over a 7‒10 day period as sudden changes in diet can cause
digestive problems. If digestive problems arise, reduce the amount of Rat &
Mouse Menu and substantially increase the amount of roughage until normal
digestion occurs.
Selected from Wheat, Oats, Barley, Sorghum, Cracked Maize, Cracked Lupins,
Black Sunflower.