Advantage 4pk for dogs 10-25kg.

Advantage 4pk for dogs 10-25kg.

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Advantage For Dogs 10-25kg.
For the treatment and prevention of fleas on dogs 10-25kg.
A monthly external skin spot on treatment that controls:
•New infestations of fleas for up to 4 weeks after application
• reduces the incidence flea allergy dermatitis
•Larval stages of fleas
•Lice (Trichodetus canis, Linognathus setosus)
•Stops fleas feeding in 3- 5 minutes after application
•Has been shown to kill adult fleas within 20 minutes after application
•Safe for use on pregnant and lactating animals
•Safe to use in conjunction with intestinal worm treatments and daily or monthly heartworm prevention treatments
•Regular use of the product will break the flea life cycle as it kills immature stages of fleas in the environment