Aqua One Triangle Glass Aquarium 26L.

Aqua One Triangle Glass Aquarium 26L.

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Tri 26 Glass Aquarium 26L - 38L X 45W X 40cm H

The Aqua One Tri 26 Tank is a unique triangle shaped aquarium which offers a unique viewing experience. This aquarium is at the cutting edge of aquarium design.
The stylish design would suit any environment,whether this is in the home or the office.

Features & Benefits:
•Lighting is provided by bright, energy efficient LED lighting, which features 21 white and 3 blue LED’s to provide day and night time viewing.
•Water quality and clarity is maintained by the easy to maintain compact internal filter, which provides both mechanical and biological filtration to keep your fish happy
•A fitted glass lid is also provided to help reduce water evaporation and ensure a secure environment for your fish
•A heater can be added to the aquarium to provide a tropical fish environment, (heater purchased separately)
•Holds up to 26 litres of water
•1 Year Guarantee