Avi One Mineral Perch.

Avi One Mineral Perch.

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Perch Mineral Calcium
Avi One Mineral Perch is a self-grooming, non-toxic perch for birds. They provide an outlet for a bird’s natural tendency to chew, aiding in trimming and maintaining beak and nails to prevent overgrowth.
Also, a great source of calcium to supplement your birds diet for optimal health.

Features & Benefits:

Aids in naturally trimming your birds nails and beak
Designed to help exercise and reduce foot muscle stress
Provides a great source of calcium
Easily attaches to the cage with sturdy bolt
Available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your birds needs
Available in different sizes:

22513 - Perch Mineral Calcium S 15.5 X 3cm
22514 - Perch Mineral Calcium M 17.5 x 3cm
22515 - Perch Mineral Calcium L 24.5 X 4cm
22516 - Perch Mineral Calcium XL 28 X 5cm
Suitable for: Birds