Critter Crib Mouse Habitat 2 Level.

Critter Crib Mouse Habitat 2 Level.

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The Pet One Critter Cribs give your mice room to roam and a place to play with two different sizes and colours to choose from. The Critter Cribs are equipped with a deep base, to help eliminate scattered food and litter.
Each Critter Crib includes a drink bottle, exercise wheel, feeder bowl, ventilation cap, tube set and a sky view attachment.

Features & Benefits:

Three door openings located at the front (wire section) and top (plastic section) of the cage
Sky View lookout - Luxurious sky view lookout for your mouse providing optimum relaxation and extra space
Solid plastic exercise wheel keeps your mouse safe and active
Drink bottle - Keep your mouse well hydrated and easy to refill
Multi storey home connected by sturdy super-fun tunnels
Good size feeder bowl that’s easy to remove and clean
Wire thickness: 2mm
Wire gap : 8mm
Inside height: 18cm each level
Suitable for: Mice

 Critter Crib Mouse Habitat 2 Level 40L X 27W X 39cm H Green