Kumfi Kombi Martingale Collar Medium 36-46cm

Kumfi Kombi Martingale Collar Medium 36-46cm

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Kumfi Kombi Collar

- Helps prevent pulling
- Fully Adjustable
- Kinder alternative to choke chains
- Fitting and training guide enclosed

Designed by George Grayson, Chairman of the Dog Training Industry Association, UK.
Kumfi Kombi Martingale Collar is a unique design with snap fastener and I.D. ring holder. The snap fastener allows you to fit the collar quickly and easily and the I.D. ring holder may be used to convert the collar into a standard none choke collar. The collar checks (stops) without chocking and the jingle of the chain acts as an attentive command. Use with the Head Halter to help prevent pulling or for controlling problem dogs.
Size Chart

Medium (36-46cm) - Suitable for Beagle, Collies, Springer Spaniel

These breeds are intended as a guide as the size of your dog may vary.