Ocean Free Smart 1500 Internal Filter 1500lph.

Ocean Free Smart 1500 Internal Filter 1500lph.

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Ocean Free Smart 1500 Internal Filter 1500lph.

Utilizing a specially designed core, the SMART Internal Filter cleans, detoxifies and teats the water with 3 filtration stages - Mechanical, Biological and Chemical.
The main bio-foam compartment combined with the chemical filtration shaft ensures organic waste and their toxic by-products are effectively broken down, providing optimum conditions for your fish.


3 stage filtration for maximized cleaning efficiency
Easy to use, no complication set up required
Adjustable flow direction
Adjustable flow rate
Quiet and efficient
Freshwater use only

Model Power Max Output Recommended tank size
Smart 400 6W 400L/h Up to 45cm
Smart 600 7.5W 600L/h Up to 60cm
Smart 800 10W 800L/h Up to 75cm
Smart 1000 15W 1000L/h Up to 90cm
Smart 1500 27W 1500L/h Up to 120cm