Pernaease Powder 250g.

Pernaease Powder 250g.

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Pernaease Powder® by Mavlab is a natural supplement designed to assist in the relief of arthritis and associated joint stiffness and arthritic symptoms in dogs. Pernaease Powder contains only pure and natural marine concentrates, freeze dried to maintain their quality and efficacy. Pernaease does NOT contain any preservatives, added flavouring or bulking agents.

Active Ingredients

600mg/g Green Lipped Mussel Powder, 200mg/g Shark Cartilage, 200mg/g Abalone Powder. Pernaease contains not less than 14% glycosaminoglycans, mostly chondroitin and glucosamine.


Give Pernaease Joint Powder once daily by mixing with a small amount of food or water. Make sure that the entire portion is consumed.

Daily Dosage


Up to 10kg: 1.2g (1/3 scoop)
10-20kg: 1.7g (1/2 scoop)
20-30kg: 2.3g (2/3 scoop)
30-40kg: 2.8g (3/4 scoop)
40-50kg: 3.4g (1 scoop)

Please note that the above dosing information applies to the current formulation of Pernaease Powder Joint Supplement for Dogs. Always check the product label for current dosing information.

Directions for Use

For best results, Pernaease should be used under the supervision of a veterinary surgeon as part of an arthritis management plan. Not recommended in pregnant animals. Heating or cooking this product may diminish or destroy active ingredients.