Pet One Scratching Tree.

Pet One Scratching Tree.

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Scratching Tree 2 Cubby With Bed 40x40x75cm (grey)

Pet One Cat Scratching Posts are designed to satisfy your cat’s natural scratching behaviour. Scratching Posts provides a suitable, stable place for cats to scratch, reducing the chance they will be attracted to your furniture and curtains!

Cats get great enjoyment from the sensation of scratching. Pet One Scratching Posts feature a number of textured materials that provides your cat with a range of sensations to enjoy. Scratching posts also provide cats with a place of refuge, giving your cat the ability to relax, stretch or play.

Available in a variety of sizes and designs you are sure to find the right scratching post for your cat and home.

Features & Benefits:
•Available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your cat
•Provides exercise and stress relief for your cat
•Satisfies your pets natural scratching behaviour – keeping them away from your furniture

Suitable for: Cats