Sporn Training Halter Medium.

Sporn Training Halter Medium.

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The Sporn® Original Training Halter™ is designed for moderate to heavy pullers and is guaranteed to stop your dog from pulling using the patented "Sporn Effect". It's made of high quality, braided cord and nylon webbing, with thermoplastic and nickel-plasted steel fasteners to reduce weathering. It's padded sherpa sleeves provide maximum comfort and prevent underarm chaffing.

•Patented system
•Stops the hardest pullers, instantly
•Converts to a standard collar if the pull function is not needed
•Replaceable Restraints™ and padded Sherpa Sleeves™
•Guaranteed for the lifetime of the dog (excludes chewing)

Sizing Recommendations

Medium: 12-17 in. neck and approximately 20-50 lbs

WARNING: Do not leave harness on dog unattended. Not to be used as a tie-out or car harness. We recommend removing the harness from the dog immediately after usage